Welcome to the New World.....

Back to the Wanch

Next gig is June 2nd at The Wanch….its a little cosy bar on Jaffe Road, the bar has improved so much over the last few years thanks to the new owner. Hope to see you there …show starts just after 1030pm Helium-III---BP-2016---Vince-Y-1798

The Big Picnic

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Hong Kong's new 'Big Picnic" is set to become one of Asia's largest beach parties. Over 10,000 people will experience a staggering 60 live music and dance acts performing throughout the day on two custom built stages at Tai Pak Beach and the Plaza in Discovery Bay, which is just a short ferry ride away from the Central business district.

"This will be an amazing festival" says Chairman of the Big Picnic Organising Committee. "The concept is totally unique and, thanks to HKR International Ltd (stock code 00480) and the Discovery Bay City Owners Committee, we have a fantastic new venue to showcase some of Hong Kong Kong's best live bands and dance talent".

But that's not all. The Big Picnic will also feature some of the SAR's best gourmet food and beverage providers as well as providing dedicated kid's fun zones to make it a music festival the whole family will enjoy.

The Organisers are proud that the event will remain both free-to-enter and not-for-profit. "We want The Big Picnic to be all about great entertainment and raising awareness for deserving children's charities" said Flavell. "It won't cost anything to come in, but we know people will dig deep to support the causes that will benefit directly from their generosity".

The Big Picnic was held in Discovery Bay on Saturday November 5
th. For more information including the details of the acts performing live throughout the day please visit: www.thebigpicnichk.com

Live in Concert

Grappa’s Cellar Central was packed to the gunner for the album release Thanks you our supporters for coming, ‘Welcome to the New World’

Album out now 08/08/16

Picnic is back


11th Anniversary ‘Picnic in the Park':
Save the date …5th November 2016
For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/picnicintheparkhk


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The Underground’ at ‘Backstage’ back on the
19th October in LKF was a huge night, thank you for all your support, all pre show tickets sold out here are some pictures from the event. and the review…the good the bad and …well we think it’s mostly good!…come on…we’ve got to be happy with ‘radio Ready’…
A retro-computer-sounding recorded intro opened up their set in an unexpected way, almost throwing one off, before some big guitars by Dave Campbell brought things back to more familiar territory. They oscillate between power-pop and American radio-rock, with bouncy melodies and generally uptempo songs. They’re definitely radio-ready; in fact they sound like a band that’s already on rotation on the radio. Which is a good thing in some ways – they’re tight, they’re fun, and they have likeable songs, they have a rich sound. In addition, they’re confident on stage and have a fun rapport between the band members, which adds to watchability. They’ve got solid, experienced musicians who add to the songs with their performances. All of which makes for an entertaining performance. They sound much like the Dandy Warhols or Franz Ferdinand (as on Satellite,and the catchy Home), and in their better songs they almost sound something like The Jam, like the punchy Rule the World. There are a couple of more soft-rock, Coldplay-esque songs, most of which involve the singer moving to the keyboard and while generally good, the few notes he kind of missed on Chase the Sunrise really stood out because of the melodicity of the tune……….